About us

About the Islamic Information Documentation and Certification GmbH

Our certifications are offered Europe-wide and cover goods and services that require a halal-assurance for Muslim.

ONR 142000/142001 (is currently being updated)

Due to a lack of clarity and many challenges for halal products in Europe, whether that be production or consumption, IIDC-Austria decided to provide both the economy and Muslims some clarity after having conducted in-depth research and studies. At our instigation, a group of experts, led by us was formed at the Austrian Standards Institute (ON). This group has developed mandatory guidelines for the halal-certification as ├ľNORM - regulation (ONR 142000/142001). These texts were submitted to Islamic authorities and organisations at home and abroad before coming into effect.


All these basic principles have led to official accreditation in the United Arab Emirates through the General Secretary of Municipalities in Dubai, through Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM), and IFRC, Malaysia. We are members of IHI (International Halal Integrity Alliance). Our halal certificates are recognised internationally.

Our qualified and dedicated employees see our halal certification as a worldwide service to Muslim brothers and sisters by offering them impeccable halal goods and services. We also give the economy the opportunity to open up a new global market through the halal-certification.