Public Information

Certificationā€˜s charges and fees

IIDC has documented its instruction regarding the certification charges and fees
( "7.3. Certification fee policy IIDC"), this document is available upon request for any interested stakeholder. This instruction classifies the Halal products and services under Halal certification, as well as the scheme of charges and fees for such certification. Furthermore, this instruction supporting the safeguarding of impartiality by IIDC in area of the certification charges and fees policy.

Customers Directory

IIDC has a customer directory of its valid Halal certifications, the information of such directory is available upon request for any interested parity. This directory is the sole property of IIDC.

Statement of Impartiality

IIDC fully understand the importance of impartiality in delivering valuable Halal certification services, managing potential conflicts of interests and ensuring the objectivity of the entire process.

Categories of Audits

This document describes the different categories of audits and serves as guidelines in order to conduct the assignment of the corresponding audit. Furthermore, the audit program as well as the process of the audit are described.

Rules of Reference to Certification

This document defines the rules which IIDC are required to follow, in order to be authorised to use the IIDC Halal-Logo or to make reference to the certificate issued by IIDC.

Procedure for Suspension, Cancelation or reduction of the scope of Halal Certification

This document provides guidelines to be follow in the event of non-compliance or non-conformity with the Halal Certification granted by IIDC, and defines the procedure for Continuation of certification under conditions, suspending or cancelation of the certificates and reducing of the scope of certification.

Complaints and Appeals

This document outlines the process to be followed in order to address a complaint or an appeal an IIDC.

Commitee for Safeguarding Impartiality

IIDC understands the need for, and is committed to performing Halal certification in a credible, independent, non-discriminatory and transparent manner.

Riskmanagment - policy and procedures RM IIDC

This document sets out the Risk Management Policy and procedures for managing risk at IIDC. It is used to direct the practical application of risk management processes and procedures at all levels and activities of IIDC and emphasizes safeguards and strategies to manage reasonable risk whenever possible.